Our drive is to bring diverse healthcare options for the Baltic.

About Do3

Treatments with growing potential and popularity in the medical community. There are two main benefits of practitioners choosing to integrate into conventional therapy plans complementary approach. That patient receives holistically approached healthwise and medical studies with clinically collected data.

Many pieces of research reveal the unique benefits of this type of therapy, which is widely used throughout Europe, Asia, and America. Currently, the Baltics lack this type of therapy to enable patients to reach their desired health goals.

The company was founded with the aim of making healthcare more diverse by providing doctors and their patients with efficient medical technologies for the use of ozone. DO3 is an authorized distributor of medical systems produced in Europe (Germany) that comply with the most demanding EU safety and precision standards.

dO3 company focuses on three areas:

education and implementation of technological solutions;
supply of technological equipment;
provision of materials and services.

Let’s make healthcare more diverse


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The company is based in Latvia.

DO3 Ltd.
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